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Some people may not be aware that private health care coverage can include benefits such as access to specialized treatments, faster appointment scheduling, and coverage for alternative therapies.

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Private vs Public Health Coverage

Aspect Private Health Coverage Public Health Coverage
Higher premiums, but more comprehensive coverage
Lower or no premiums, but may have limited coverage
Choice of Providers
More options for healthcare providers
Limited choice of providers
Waiting Times
Shorter wait times for appointments and treatments
Longer wait times for non-emergency services
Specialized Treatment
Coverage for specialized treatments and therapies
Limited coverage for specialized treatments
Easier access to healthcare services and facilities
May face barriers to access healthcare services

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Upon plan approval, your agent will be with you throughout your coverage period and you can now enjoy your plan benefits!

Client Testimonials

"I started saving so much on my premiums in comparison to what I use to pay. the benefits that are included in the plans is wild!"
"With my deductibles at zero, I receive all of my benefits right away! Couldn't be more grateful!"
"Now that I am on a PPO network, I dont have to think about where can I go to get service without going out of network!"

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